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C和CO性质比较 - 豆丁网docin.comC CO C+O 2 CO 2 点燃 (放出热量) 2CO+O 2 2CO 2 点燃 (放出热量) C H 2 CO C + 2CuO 2Cu + CO 2 高温 CO + CuO Cu + CO 2 △ CO CO百性阁首me综合另类


C + COcandcompany.comC + CO—Hi, this is a new entry. Hope you like it!if you want it, here it is, come and get it. anyone who finishes the lyrics to this 双人游戏小游戏大全

关于C、CO和CO2的叙述正确的是 - 初中化学 - 菁优网jyeoo.com 分析:根据C、CO均具有可燃性和还原性,而CO2不具有可燃性和还原性,可以和水反应生成碳酸,在高温条件下CO2和C反应生成CO,据此结合各选项的说法进行分析判断即可

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